Welcome to the Bay Air HVAC website. This page defines the purpose of this website and introduces the content and main structure of the online business for the benefit of its visitors.

Here is a collection of the professional knowledge and experience of its author and how it can help you to gain a greater understanding of the equipment available for keeping you comfortable in your home or workplace whatever the weather is doing outside

Bay Air Heating & Air Conditioning

The website in its original guise described the physical company based in the Bay Area of San Francisco CA. However, that website expired some years ago and its domain dropped from the register, becoming available for purchase by an entity with an interest in its core subject.

The new owner of this domain has recreated the basis of the website from archived material. He has brought the design up to date and replaced the original text with new content that is now original and copyright by the current author.

The original company provided locally based air conditioning, ventilation, heating, refrigeration, air purification and professional engineers to service, repair or maintain home or business equipment.

Website Author

gary hollisonThe new site focuses on that same equipment and service, but is not linked in any way to a physical HVAC company. Instead, it provides information, advice and recommendations from a professional HVAC engineer, Gary Hollison, the site author.

Please bear that in mind when reading the freely available material that we have provided for your information should you wish to learn more about heating and cooling equipment, systems, design and layout and the best practices in their use for economy and efficiency.

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