Portable Gas Heaters

As a backup heat source for peace of mind, portable gas heaters make an excellent alternative for coping with cold weather if the main power goes out at home or in the office, garage or workshop.

In emergency situations it is important to be ready with a standalone source of warmth that you can get fired up and working fast when needed. With the convenience and ease of use of propane gas refills at the ready, all situations can be prepared for fast end effectively.

This article deals with these important yet often overlooked necessities in places that suffer cold winters and are prone to blackouts which are becoming more and more common these days. You should always have one or more portable gas heaters ready for use as backup heating for those times when the main supply in your home or workplace goes down.

Emergency Heat

portable gas cabinet heaterNo one enjoys being outside during the bitter cold days and nights that some areas get routinely every year. But when you're out there it's good to know that when you come home, you can peel off those layers of clothes and get warm in a nice, temperature controlled environment that we often take for granted.

That's all fine and dandy when everything is as it should be, but in recent times we are being hit with random power outages and blackouts during the winter. That means coming home to a cold and unwelcoming house that can become dangerous especially for the very young, the elderly and the infirm.

In those instances where the home's main supply goes down, its good to know that you can grab one or more handy propane fuelled heaters from your garage or shed and fire them up to provide that all-important warmth where it's needed. That's why it is so important to make sure you have a backup heat supply available along with spare gas cylinders so you're ready for any emergency eventuality.

Additional or Space Heating

Sometimes you'll get those days that are particularly cold and your home's central system simply cannot deliver enough BTUs to keep the indoor temperature warm enough to be comfortable. In those cases, it's useful to have an additional heat source that propane fired portable units can provide you with.

They can be run in short bursts or left on the lowest setting to help maintain the indoor temperature at a comfortable level for you and your family. As long as you follow general safety precautions as outlined in the article entitled: "Heating and Safety" and make sure you have sufficient ventilation to maintain clean air in occupied rooms, these appliances are the perfect compliment to your home's central furnace.

Economy and Convenience

It doesn't cost a lot to run small propane gas burners and replacement cylinders are in plentiful supply at local hardware stores and gas stations. So you're never going to get into a situation where you run out of fuel to run them but it still pays to have a small store of spare cylinders in your garage for emergencies.

The great thing about this fuel is that it's generally available just about everywhere and is real convenient to use because changing a cylinder is really simple anyone can do it. With the cost of new portable heating units remaining very affordable, there really is no excuse for not having at least one in your home for peace of mind and your family's comfort and safety in winter.

Ventless Propane Heaters for Homes

Finding the best portable, vent free propane fueled heaters for your home is actually easier than you may have imagined thanks to the wide net that a site such as this can cast.

I happen to already own some exceptional models that I keep stored in my garage for those times they are needed along with spare gas cylinders so I'm never caught out by the weather!

In the paragraphs below are fully detailed reviews of some of the top models, but it's always a great help to have a few side by side so you can compare their merits and see what is available at a glance. Take a look at the models below: